Disabling of Volatility 200 (1s) & Volatility 300 (1s)

Hello Deriv Community Members

We are disabling Volatility 200 (1s) & Volatility 300 (1s) in CFD platforms and in Multiplier on Dtrader.

It will no longer be available in :

  • Demo and Real Derived MT5 SVG & BVI
  • Demo and Real Deriv X
  • Demo and Real CFD (MF regulated account)
  • Demo and Real Multiplier (on Dtrader)

Client will not be able to execute the above-mentioned instrument and only close position is allowed.
If you have an open position then you can keep the positions open. However no new positions are allow with these two assets.

We kindly suggest you check out our other indices and market offering on our platforms.


Is it temporary or permanent closure?