DMT5 Swap Free Account

Hello Deriv Community,

We now offer swap-free Deriv MT5 accounts on Deriv!

What is a swap-free account?

Swap-free Deriv MT5 accounts offer swap-free CFD trading on selected derived and financial assets. With 24/7 trading available for synthetic indices and cryptocurrencies, this account allows you to leave your positions open overnight without additional charges.

Is the swap-free account available for all Deriv MT5 jurisdictions?

At the moment, the swap-free accounts are only available for St. Vincent & Grenadines jurisdiction.

How can I create a swap-free Deriv MT5 account?

To create a swap-free account, you may go to your Trader’s Hub and click on “Get” in the Swap-Free account section.

Where can I find the instruments that can be traded with a swap-free Deriv MT5 account?

To check the instruments available with a swap-free account, visit the Trading Speculation page.

(Note: Look for the instruments that have the blue SWF icon.)

To reach us, visit our Help centre or contact us via live chat or WhatsApp.