Error on Deriv Trading (Dtrader)

I have a problem in Deriv boom/crash that when i want to trade the error " Purchase Error: No further trading is allowed on this contract type for the current trading session" appears.
How can I solve that and what is the problem?

Thank you for taking this into consideration.

Também estou com esse problema! E pelo visto não há quem possa resolver, pois estiver a verificar essa resposta na comunidade eu não a encontrei. Ou ainda quem pudesse solucionar esse problema.
Fica muito difícil trabalhar assim.

Hi Blintze, we’re sorry for the difficulties that you’re facing. The error message you received is due to the limits are placed due to our internal risk management and your trading activities. Be assured, trading limits are reviewed regularly, and our team will update them according to the market conditions.