First multipliers contract on Deriv Trader

Dear Members,

If you are unsure on how to buy your first multipliers contract on Deriv Trader, this article might help you :slight_smile:

Define your position

  1. Market

Choose an asset from the list of markets offered on Deriv.

  1. Trade type

Choose ‘Multipliers’ from the list of trade types.

  1. Stake

Enter the amount you wish to trade with.

  1. Multiplier value

Enter the multiplier value of your choice. Your profit or loss will be multiplied by this amount.

  1. Take profit

This feature allows you to set the level of profit that you are comfortable with when the market moves in your favour. Once the amount is reached, your position will be closed automatically and your earnings will be deposited into your Deriv account.

  1. Stop loss

This feature allows you to set the amount of loss you are willing to take in case the market moves against your position. Once the amount is reached, your contract will be closed automatically.

  1. Deal cancellation

This feature allows you to cancel your contract within one hour of buying it, without losing your stake amount. We charge a small non-refundable fee for this service.


8. Purchase your contract

Once you are satisfied with the parameters that you have set, select either ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ to purchase your contract. Otherwise, continue to customize the parameters and place your order when you are satisfied with the conditions.


Hope this information helps.

If you have any questions, please visit our Help Centre or contact us via Live Chat and WhatsApp.