MT5 Trade/ Reference ID

Dear Members,

If you have a trading dispute and you are not sure how to get a reference id, Fret not as this article might help you :slight_smile:

MT5 PC App/Web Version

  1. log in to your MT5 account
  2. At the bottom of the page/app you will find the History tab (refer to screenshot)
  3. Click the History tab, and right-click on the mouse for the side pop-up box to appear
  4. On the box, click Position to set the History tab to show Position history
  5. The Trade/Reference ID can be found under the ticket column

MT5 Mobile App (Android)

  1. Login to your MT5 account
  2. Click the History tab to redirect to the History page (refer ss)
  3. On the History page, you may find the trade ID by clicking on the trade shown on the page
  4. Once the trade is clicked, you will find the trade ID starting with a hash # uncategorized

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