My bot stops trading for no reason

Hi, i have a bot that has a strategy that only works on multiple trades and every time, every single time it passes 150 trades more or less, it just stops out of nowhere. The ‘Journal’ doesnt return any error, and in fact i can keep on restarting the bot for another run of 150 trades i want and itll work just fine

What is the damn mistake, then? aint this a smart method for the platform to stop automatic trading and luckily take cash when the user ends up in a loss and the robot CAN’T reverse the operation since the bot magically stopped working. 10/10 strategy very clever deriv, what is exactly going on? absolute greed or technical issue? and weird that no one else reports this

really, reeeeeeaally suspicious

and btw, this thing happens in any bot i try. its about the quantity, if you go over 100 trades theres a high chance of the stupid platform just stopping your operations. if you’re on a loss streak, aint nothing else to do, you lost money and deriv made some

Hello @anergia-aguador-2, we’re truly sorry for the inconvenience. To make things right, our team has already reached out to you via email to address your case.

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I havent received any email and this is the print of whats going on, it doesnt matter how close or far i am from the router this thing just keeps on happening, it was much below 150 runs this time

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