Only positions closing is allowed!!

I cant trade anymore. Its not working on web terminal and MT5.
I always get this message
Only positions closing is allowed!!

Whats wrong there

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same problem here, cant enter any positions

Hi i writed to online help and i cot anserw to this error

I understand concern. At the moment, there is an upgrade being done on the MT5 synthetics and Multiplier Synthetics, for both real and demo accounts. This upgrade will end on the 30th/September, and you can trade on synthetics again on 1st October

This upgrade is on all our Europian based clients with MLT & MX account broker codes

You will be sent an email on that date regarding these changes and what is to be changed. This is email will be sent to all our users

WTF… what a horrible Broker…

What is this till 1 october this is 2 weeks what upgrade is this

Same here cant trade since 4days.

Me to they send me a email

A very good day to you!

Please be informed that from 30 Sep 2021, we will no longer be offering CFDs on synthetic indices to our MLT account holders. If you have any open positions on MT5 on synthetic indices, please close them before 12:00 pm GMT on 30 Sep 2021. After this time, any open positions will be force-closed at market price.

Please note that you cannot open any new positions on CFDs and multipliers on synthetic indices with your existing account anymore. However, Binary options trades on SmartTrader, Binary Bot, and WebTrader are not affected by this change.

Please note that our terms and conditions will be updated to reflect these changes. We’ll email you a summary of the changes to our terms, and later, you’ll receive a notification asking for your agreement to the updated terms. Please make sure to read and accept the new terms if you wish to continue using our services.

We thanked you for your kind understanding and we deeply apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you.

Best regards,
Deriv/Binary Team

I am not sure what this means. Will I still be able to trade boom, crash, vix, rangebreak, jump etc?

Me too!! No information, nothing!!!
Deriv is the worst ever. I think I will change

Hanis 12:54

I apologise for the inconvenience, for trading in MT5 Synthetic, the new feature has not yet been released as of now

We will inform you via email once it is released

I apologise for the inconvnience you have gone through

Hanis 12:55

We mentioned that the Synthetic will no longer be offered in MLT account starting 30th September, however we have not yet provide released the new feature as of now

We will surely inform you via email once it has been released

Hanis 12:56

According to our plan, we will release it in October, however we face some technical issues that needs to be addressed first

Hence we did not release it yet

I apologise for the inconvenience, once we have released it, we will surely make an official announcememnt via email regarding this

Hanis 12:59

As of now, it is not available yet as we have not release the new feature to trade in MT5 Synthetic

once we have released it, we will announce via email and you can start trading in the market

Nagendra 11:37

A moment please

Kristjan Saarsalu 11:37

2021.10.09 11:04:56.475 Notifications notification ‘request failed market buy 0.005 Volatility 75 Index [Only position closing is allowed]’ sent to ‘EB49D854’


Nagendra 11:38

Dear Kristjan

We apologize for the inconvenience

We have not yet released the new feature as of now

You may place trades on 11th October onwards, otherwise notified

Is there anything else I can assist you with? I will be glad to assist you

Kristjan Saarsalu 11:42

so do you say the update will be ready on 11 okt

Nagendra 11:43

As for now, its is scheduled to be released on 11 Oct

We apologize for the inconvenience

Kristjan Saarsalu 11:43

ok i will be bact to you



Ok, some synthetics are available now in Financial MT5 like Boom 300 and Crash300 but the Leverage is horrible!!! Not worth to trade here anymore.
You need at least a deposit of 2000 to make some money… I think its gone Deriv… Good bye, I will go back to ICmarkets and GPDUSD…and Gold

There is any way to trade synthetics with synthetic account in europe? I can only trade with cfd account with horrible margin and a few pairs

I think, there is no way anymore.
I will delete my account by deriv, its useless anymore now.

The support told me that the synthetic account was baned from europe

Thats right.
You need a friend from Asia or Afrika which have an account and trade on his/her account

Is there other broker to trade volatility for europe