Options available in the settings tab

Hello Deriv Community,

If you are wondering , what are the option in the setting tab, this article might help you :grinning:

Options available in the settings tab are:

Advanced mode: By enabling the extended view, the tab displays additional information about symbol ie;: spreads, time, high and low prices.

Order sounds: sound notifications of trade activity ie; opening/ modifying/closing positions, placing orders, etc.

One Click Trading: platform allows performing trade operations in one click without additional confirmation from the trader

MetaQuotes ID: This is the unique identifier for receiving notifications.

Vibration: The options are for receiving push notifications are; never use vibration, silent mode only and always use vibration.

Notification ringtone: Used to choose a sound that will be played when a push notification is received.

Content auto-download: This enables automatic download of media when the device is connected to Wi-Fi.

Language: Users can switch between the 25 languages

OTP: One time password generator for a validation code as an extra layer of security from unauthorised access.

Enable News: Enable or disable delivery of newsletters to the mobile app.

Tablet interface: Enable this to switch from portrait view to landscape view.

Choose theme: Switch to dark mode or lightmode as needed

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