Request for Accumulators

I am trying to send an Accumulators contract, in the official deriv web trader app we can see “Take profit”, but in the json request I can’t find the right way to send a take profit amount. My current request is:


compra = {
‘buy’: 1,
‘subscribe’: 1,
‘price’: 100000,
‘parameters’: {
‘amount’: monto,
‘basis’: ‘stake’,
‘currency’: ‘USD’,
‘symbol’: simbolo,
‘contract_type’: ‘ACCU’,
‘growth_rate’: 0.01,

I have tried with ‘take_profit’, ‘profit’, ‘tp’, ‘t_p’ in “parameters” section, but I just get errors (“request parameters error”) from deriv api

Any suggestion?

Thank you

Hi @bennies-achigan-2, thank you for joining our community. In regards to your inquiry, we require more information from you, to ensure you are assisted accordingly. Therefore, our team has reached out to you via Live Chat, inquiring more details. Please reply to that email, so that we can check further for you.

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