Steps to create variables in DBot

Hi Deriv Community! :sparkles:

Here’s how you can add variables to your Dbot strategy. If you would like to know more about Dbot, please refer to this post:

Once you’ve logged in to Dbot site here, you can head over to the left-side corner, you will see the Blocks menu.

Bot menu

From there, you can find the utility section and click on it. You will be able to see the variable and create your variable accordingly.

Variables 2

You can enter any name for your variable and click on the create button. Once done, the newly created variable can now be used in your strategy. :clap: You can drag the variable to your Dbot workspace or click the :heavy_plus_sign: sign.
A value must be assigned to variable for the variable to function. Variable alone does not have any function.

Create button

Variable to test

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