Strategy Tester - Viewing price data in Market Watch

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The Market Watch window is a feature of some trading platforms or software programs that is used to display prices during testing. It is similar to the Market Watch window that is available in live trading platforms, but it may have additional features or functionality that are specific to testing. To access the Market Watch window, you can use the “Market Watch” command in the View menu or press the Ctrl+M key combination. This window can be shown or hidden as needed.

How to open the MT5 MarketWatch

  1. Simply click on “view” from the menu bar.
  2. Then click on Market Watch.
  3. This will display the Market Watch window once again.

Market Watch during visual testing

The Symbols tab in the Market Watch window is a feature that displays current price information for financial instruments. The list of symbols shown in this tab is typically limited to the main symbol being tested, as well as any other symbols whose data is used by the Expert Advisor.

The Ticks tab is another feature of the Market Watch window that displays a chart of prices generated during testing. This chart is typically limited to displaying a maximum of 64,000 ticks, which are individual price quotes or trades that have occurred in the market. The Ticks tab can be useful for analyzing price movements and trends during testing.

**Note: This will only be applicable on the desktop app and not applicable on the web terminal

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