Top-up your Deriv X demo account

Hello Deriv Community!

Are you running out of demo funds in your Deriv X demo account? Don’t worry, there is always an option to replenish the demo funds. :grin:

You can top up your Deriv X demo account with an additional 10,000.00 USD if your balance is 1,000.00 USD or less.

To top up your Deriv X Demo accounts, you may follow these steps:

  1. Access Deriv X demo account on the Trader’s hub page.
  2. Click on “Top up”
  3. Click on “Top-up 10,000.00 USD”

Note: the button Top up 10,000.00 USD will only show once you have reached your current demo balance of 1,000.00 USD or less.

Don’t have a Deriv X demo account? You may start to create yours by clicking here .

We hope this information provided is useful for your reference in the future!

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