Account Deactivated

Please assist Reactivate my Synthetic account

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May I please be helped with account re-activation

My account was deactivated because I wasn’t using it for a while because I didn’t have, I want it to be Reactivated so that I can continue to use it.

Kind regards

Vathiswa Dibela

         I am finding it difficult to login and open real account

Yes my account my deactivated because I wasn’t using it for too long

Yes that’s the case please help reactivating it

If I’m trying to create real account it says the account already exists but I can’t access because I created new demo account

Hi @carsick-agapeti-1, thank you for joining the community! You may contact our customer support team for further assistance. Also, you might want to look into this article for more information on accounts How many accounts can I have?. Hope it helps :slight_smile: