API Tokens: managing access on third-party applications and mobile apps.

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You may find this article regarding API token which is available in the settings section of your account.

What is API token?
You can use your API token to access your mobile apps and other third-party apps. As well as copy trading.

How would you use the API token?
If you’re a developer or a copier, you may generate the token in the API token section in your settings. You may access it by clicking here.

In the API token section, there are a few scopes that you may enable according to your preferences.

  • Read - View account activity such as settings, limits, balance sheets, trade purchase history, and more.
  • Trade - Buy and sell contracts, renew expired purchases, and top up demo accounts.
  • Payments - Withdraw to payment agents, and transfer funds between accounts.
  • Admin - Open accounts, manage settings, manage token usage, and more.
  • Trading information - View the trading history.

We would recommend enabling the scopes based on the access that you need only. If you’re a copier, do reconfirm and recheck the access that the developer has on your account.

Where can I keep track of the API tokens that are connected to my account?

Once you’ve connected your account using the API token. You may find it in the Connected apps in your settings.

If you ever wanted to revoke access to the API tokens, you may click on the Revoke access button available on the connected apps.

We hope this information finds you well and if you have other inquiries, please feel free to reply to this post and our team will be more than happy to help you out! :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: