Available features in Deriv X (Web Terminal)

Hi Deriv Community,

The Deriv X is a customizable multi-asset trading platform providing a versatile trading experience that lets you customize your trading environment. Here are some of the features that are available on the Deriv X via a web terminal.

If you have not yet created your Deriv X account, you may refer to our post here: Creating Deriv X account

  1. Dark/Light Theme :first_quarter_moon:

Once you logged into your Deriv X account via web terminal, it will automatically be in dark theme. You can change this to a light theme by clicking on the drop-down menu on the top right side.

  1. One-Click Trading :round_pushpin:

Other than that, same as the MT5 platform, you will be able to use the one-click trading feature. However, you would need to accept the terms and conditions of this feature prior to enabling it. You may refer to the screenshots below to check on this feature.

  1. Reference Currency :currency_exchange:

The currency used in Deriv X is by default USD. However, you may also change the currency to EUR/GBP/JPY/ZAR/BTC and ETH for viewing purposes. Trading and transferring funds between your Deriv X account will still remain in USD.

To select your preferred currency, click on the drop-down menu and select the reference currency.

  1. Account statement :receipt:

You can generate your account statement via the web terminal of Deriv X for your respective Deriv X account. In order to do so, click on the drop-down menu and select the Account statement. You may filter the information of the statement by dates. Once you’ve selected the dates, you may proceed to generate the statement which will further redirect you to a new tab.

We hope this post helps you further to explore the Deriv X platform and if you have any questions, please visit our Help Centre or contact us via Live Chat and WhatsApp.