Customize your Workspace in Deriv X (web terminal)

Hi Deriv Community,

Deriv X is another CFD platform after MT5. It’s packed with features and built to fit your trading styles. Here are a few ways how to customize your workspace.

  1. Multiple Items to choose from. :partying_face:

You may choose to add Charts, Orders, Positions, Watchlist, and many more items in your workspace. You may find this information by clicking on the drop-down menu of My Account or Tools. You can either drag or click on the items and place them in your corresponding tab. Most importantly, you can customize it according to your preferences!

  1. Opening multiple tabs. :star_struck:

You can open multiple tabs at once on the Deriv X, up to 20 tabs at a time! By default, the tabs that are shown when you logged in are My Trading Account, Trading Dashboard, Trading Journal, and Technical Analysis. These workspace can be changed according to your style.

To add a new tab, you can simply click on the :heavy_plus_sign: sign, rename the tabs to your own preference, and drags items from the drop-down menu.

  1. Reorganizing the items makes it much easier. :smiling_face:

If you want to reorganize the items to suit your preferences, you can click and drag the 6 dots icon on the left-side corner and arrange them anywhere in the workspace. By keeping the items organized, you will save time looking for things and maintain a productive trading experience.

We hope this post helps you further to explore the Deriv X platform and if you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this post. :sparkles: