Change DMT5/Deriv X Trading Password (Deriv)

Dear Members,

Please follow the steps below in order to change your MT5/Deriv X password.

1- Open the Password change page here Deriv App | Deriv

2- You’ll see 3 options, Deriv Password, DMT5 Password, or Deriv X Password. If you wish to change your DMT5 password or Deriv X password, please click the “Change Password” button.

3- Please check your email box and click on the link received.

4- Now type your new Password.

5- Done! Now you can use this password to log in to your MT5 and Deriv X demo and real accounts.

Notes: In case you need your MT5 account number please go to Deriv App | Deriv or Deriv X here Deriv App | Deriv