Error in variable "last digit"

In digit trading, there is a variable that tells you what the last digit is at the end of the current tick.
This variable has no result when the final digit of the tick is “zero”
If in the graph the digit is zero, the variable prints any other number.
I’m testing in “Combine/Differs” type operations and when the tick on the chart has the last digit 0, this variable displays another number.
The bot does not operate correctly for this reason.
Any tips?


the “list of last digits” block is also not working properly. In addition to not returning the zero digit, it returns the other digits with small distortions. I’ve already opened a support ticket but so far they haven’t given a prediction of when it will be fixed.

entrei aqui pra tentar resolver o mesmo problema. Ele ignora o zero e retorna o próximo.
Se der 20 por exemplo, ele retorna o 2 como ultimo digito e ai ja perde o valor investido

Notei um probleminha com a volatividade 75 está trocando os dígitos de ganhos por perdas já viram isso alguma vez ?m primeira vez que vejo isso , o robô perde no 7 8 e 9, e agora com a volatividade 75 ele ganha no 7 8 e 9 e no restante ele perde, sendo que o robô é programado pra perder no 7 8 e 9, teria como pegar esse dinheiro perdido ?? Sabem dizer ?? Isso é um problema da plataforma

none of the problem has been resolved yet. Any solution predictions, Deriv?

Hi @beliers-acquiet-2, thank you for your post in Deriv community. We would need further information on the case that you mentioned. We would be happy to clarify this for you. However, for better assistance and protection of your account’s data, we recommend contacting us via LiveChat. We’ll work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.