FAQs for Affiliates

Dear members,

Here are the Frequent Asked Questions when it comes to Affiliates:

1. Can I register my account under my own affiliate link?

  • No, you can not register or create your own account under/using your own affiliate link because it defeats the purpose of the referral program. You are to refer clients with your link and earn from their trades, not yours.

2. How can I withdraw my commission?

  • For affiliate commissions, you have the liberty to choose between payment into your Deriv FIAT account or Neteller account, while IB commissions are paid into the MT5 account, you can transfer into your Deriv FIAT account while you withdraw using available payment methods in your country of residence.

3. How to check which affiliate I am registered under?

  • You can not check if you are registered under an affiliate but as long as you did not sign up with anyone’s link, you can rest assured that you are not under an affiliate. However, you can contact the affiliate managers or customer support to check if you are under anyone

4. Can I change my affiliate commission plan?

  • You can only change your affiliate commission plan if you are yet to have a referral, but if you already have sign-ups, you can create another affiliate account for the second plan and promote both links.

Hope the above is useful! If you need more assistance, you may contact us via LiveChat :smile: