historical tick data for binary options platform

Dear community
I’ve been trying to download historical tick data for EURUSD from the webtrader platform (of the binary not MT5) but it allows only to download 1h of tick data.

Unfortunately the data of MT5 differs too much on structure in comparison to the binary (rise and fall data for example) where on MT5 you get ask and bid data and on the binary platform it looks like deriv/binary.com is using kind of a mean/average price. I’ve even compared a little of the data where I’ve even calculated the mean price of MT5 data but it still differs too much.

Therefore, I wanted to ask you if it’s somehow possible to download historical tick data (eurusd) of the binary options platform (or webtrader) for a longer period of time? Ideal would be 6-12 months of data.

Thank you for your answer in advance