Introducing New DFX products on MT5 Derived Account

Hello Deriv Community Members,

Good news to all CR Clients ( non-EU countries ), there will be 10 new DFX products for trading in MT5 Derived Real Account ( BVI & SVG ). These new instruments are only available 24hours, 5 days a week. It follows the forex market trading times.

The products are :

  1. AUDUSD DFX 10 Index
  2. AUDUSD DFX 100 Index
  3. EURUSD DFX 10 Index
  4. EURUSD DFX 100 Index
  5. GBPUSD DFX 10 Index
  6. GBPUSD DFX 100 Index
  7. USDCHF DFX 10 Index
  8. USDCHF DFX 100 Index
  9. USDJPY DFX 10 Index
  10. USDJPY DFX 100 Index

Clients may obtain the information under the " specification " part of the market. Clients are encouraged to try out the new products in their demo MT5 accounts first to familiarise themselves with the new instruments before trading in real accounts.

Enjoy trading!