Manipulation, and false advertising

Deriv states that each volatility index move and have a constant volatility…they also state that price is made by a random number generator. Niether of these are true ,there are many indicators and ways to find out the volcity and percentage movment of an accet on any time frame . Derive never ever sticks to 10,25,50,75 ect on those given assets …this is blatant lie and false advertising. For example vix 10has only been one direction for 15 months , this is not 10% . Many assets only move alot of % untill they reach close to zero in price ,eg vix 150, 250 once we hit theses zone they do not move even 5% because deriv has no where to go but up , but if price goes up from these levels they loose money and so price never hardly moves and just stays close to zero . As for a random number generator, charts would be all over the place , price would be al ober the place from one tick to another , so there would be massive holes in price every where, not to mention , then they would never be able to stick to a certain velocity right ? Deriv simple takes price opposite of the majority, to steal the most money ,if there are many buyers then they sell and if there are many sellers they buy … This is simple to see . This is also why they will never let you see volume or sentiment , because then you could simple go against majority as they do and make money . If you look at all assets they will go one way for a very long time, this is because once the index is very far over bought or oversold , genral public goes opposite direction and deriv servers will continue to push price against public …its simple for them to steal this way .thats why things always keep selling when they should buy or buying when they should sell . By doing this they can also never stick to the advertised perceng of an asset . They have gotten away with it for 25years because people complain to deriv and not to the regulatory bodies ,who should be taken to court for not regulating deriv . Then again its easy to pay off regulatory bodies so you can keep lying to the masses when you trade over 650 billion dollars a month .


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This might be true, Deriv is a form of Gambling, look at their Multiplers, Accumulators and etc,they are just there to take your money. We are trading against a company, and it does the best not to lose it’s money.

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