P. A Withdrawal

I cannot use the Payment Agent Withdrawal. Keep showing "I am not Authorise to use the medium. Please help me out

@capmint-acquits-2 ,. What method did you use to make your first deposit on deriv?

I used Airtm to make my first deposit.

Good day.
The first deposit i did was via Airtm. Please i would love to change to Payment Agent Withdrawal.


@capmint-acquits-2 ,. But airtm is ok. Why don’t you want to withdraw via airtm again? Did deriv block that withdrawal method?

No, i did not.
Trying to get a peer is really taking longer than expected. Like have waited for moree than 24hrs twice but no response/peer pairing.
More reason i want to change to payment agent.

@capmint-acquits-2 ,. Oh I see. Well, I too use Airtm. And I am among those that accept peer request.
But for now, Airtm does not allow me to accept request for naira payment due to the reduction on inflow of money to my wallet.
But I do buy airusd from some people. Reach out to me via message inbox.

Now, back to your request for payment agent. According to deriv rule, it’s the method you used to deposit that you will equally use to withdraw.

So since you initially deposited via an ewallet, they will allow you to withdraw only via ewallet (which is airtm).

My issue have been rectified.
Airtm is delaying in getting me a pair.
What i want to ask is this.

What if i deposit via a P.A for the first time, then send my AirUSD to my deriv account.
Will i still be able to use the P.A withdrawal method, since i have used it initially.

@capmint-acquits-2 ,. Well, you can try it but I doubt if deriv will allow that.

But you can try and see. At least, you will learn also.