Payout limits

Hello, dear Deriv, I recently registered on your platform and tried trading digital options. I liked everything about it and I might switch to your platform completely. But I have a question. On the demo account, the payout amount for one digital option is no more than $100, is it possible to change this limit? For example: I use a fixed-amount strategy and on average make 3-5 trades per day with an entry amount of $100 per contract, and you have a maximum entry amount of $50-53.
Thank you for your attention!

Hello @Eugene ,

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Please note that digital options have fixed payout amounts based on the trade time, the market, and also the trade type. therefore it can go up or down depending on them.

We hope the above clarifies.

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You misunderstood me, I want to trade digital options on bull/bear currency pairs with an entry of $100, but the platform allows me to enter no more than $53 per 1 contract, is it possible to increase this limit?

hello,can i get a reply?

Hello @Eugene ,

Thank you for getting back to us and apologies for the late reply.

Kindly, please note that as shown in the screenshot provided the maximum payout is 100 USD. Therefore it will not be possible for you to put the stake at 100 USD since it is equivalent to a payout of 186.94 USD which is above the maximum payout amount.

Unfortunately, these limits can not be changed as they are set by default.

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