Please help me

Please I deposited through ADVCASH and I want to withdraw through the same ADVCASH but system just redirected me here everyone, please help me to activate advcash as my withdrawal methods on my account

My CR number is : CR2641719

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@beknown-acosmic-2 , Sorry to disappoint you, Advcash can only be used to deposit. It has not been activated for withdrawal process. When it has been activated, we will be informed.

Please how will I withdraw my money now?

@beknown-acosmic-2 , You have to deposit using perfect money, Airtm or any other ewallet in other to be able to withdraw your money.

I have airtm, in case you want to buy.

How do you sell airtm,and how do I send payment to you because am in nigeria

@beknown-acosmic-2 , Am sorry, this cannot be discussed here. Pls visit this page on Facebook and get answers there. I will attend to you there.: sharing life issues with Vin.


Pls how can I buy airtm?? You said you are selling and I want to buy
Let’s discuss better here pls

@beknown-acosmic-2 , Since you want the transaction here, no prob. The rate is 550/$ fixed.

Ok please give me Facebook page, because I want where I can be buying airtm everyday,at least I will be buying 3 or 4 times per day, pls let me have a contact or reliable place to be buying airtm

@beknown-acosmic-2 , The Facebook page is: Sharing life issues with Vin.

Não consigo transferir meu dinheiro para central bots, o que faço?

@azymous-acrylic-2 ,. Desculpe por isso. Contate deriv através do “chat ao vivo” em sua página de deriv e seu problema será resolvido.

depositei com pix mês não caiu o valor ; na vez passada me estornar meu dinheiro ,mas agora diz que tenho que arrumar meus documentou meu numero 20114731

@celling-acidoid-2 ,. Olá, eu não entendo o que você escreveu.

Digite-o novamente com cuidado.