Points to ticks

the BOOM 1000 says that every 1000 ticks a new spike appear but how many points are 1000 ticks in the broker deriv? because i have drag the cursor and check that a simple litle bear candle in M1 BOOM 1000 index just have a size of 6000 points? how many points are 1000 ticks or how many bear candles are 1000 ticks? thanks

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Perfect Will be waiting to your responde, thanks

I will get a aswer? i dont want to chat with the auto response bot, please i make a simple question, RESPONSE TO ME DERIV , IM INVESTIGATING THAT FOR A WEEK

See the message above this one

Hello @bakeout-aftergo-1, for the Boom/Crash series, the definition of these symbols is that there will be 1 Spike that will occur on average AFTER 300/500/1000 ticks depending on which Boom/Crash symbol is chosen. This means that the market guarantees that there will be a spike occurring after the 300/500/1000 ticks; however, it doesn’t specifically point at which tick. It can be at 1001 ticks at 6000 ticks or even at 11000 ticks. What is confirmed, however, is that there will be a spike after 1000 ticks. If you have further questions, please contact us via Live Chat to be assisted by one of our agents in real time.

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Perfect, but don’t know the ticks value of one bear candle in M1,can detail me how many ticks exists in one bear candle of M1 in boom 1000?

please read the message above Fabiana

Dear @bakeout-aftergo-1 we recommend you to contact us via Live Chat to be assisted by our agents in real time. You can type “talk to support” to be directed to our agents.