Stop Loss in DMT5

Dear Members,

With stop-loss, you minimize potential losses by setting the price at which you want the position to close in case the market moves against you. When the current market price surpasses this level, your trade will be closed automatically. The Stop Loss will be triggered at the next available price when the market touches the Stop loss or the Take profit.

You may refer to our Terms and Conditions describing these orders’ execution as well (refer below);

Clause 2.2.1 of section E (Orders- Type of Orders) :

In the case of a Stop Order, the client acknowledges that the Company will endeavor to fill the Order at a price equal to the one that the client has specified. However, if the specified price is unavailable, a less favorable price may be quoted. In other words, the Order is executed either at the price equal to the specified one or worse than that (slippage). The execution of Stop Orders is guaranteed.