Stop loss didn't work on range break 200

Looking at this screen shot you’ll find out that the trade closed automatically very far away after crossing my stop loss.

Although its a demo account, but I’m already scared of finding my real account because of this.

I would really like an explanation

now its clear that deriv make money from this spike, they create this spike against our trade when we trade from real account.

Same thing happened on my live account and haven’t received any help regards to that

Hi there, we can understand how this can frustrate you. The stop loss will be triggered at the next available price after the drops happen and it might be lower than the initial Stop Loss value set. Sudden fluctuations in price between one tick to another can sometimes surpass the stop loss you set. In this case, your trade will close at the nearest applicable market price instead of exactly at the stop loss level. We will be more than glad to assist in checking your dispute further. Please do reach out to our customer support team via LiveChat for further assistance.

what stop losses are there, if they break through a false chart, how do you like that?
My real account.

Hi adversa-affixes-1, to protect your account’s data and personal information, please reach out to our customer support via LiveChat and we will help you at the earliest!