Synthetic Indices on Deriv

Exclusive to Deriv, Synthetic Indices are our very own set of synthetic markets engineered to simulate real-world market movements, unaffected by the sways of actual events and other outside disruptions.

Why trade Synthetic Indices on Deriv?



Markets to trade

Our Synthetic Indices are based on a cryptographically secure random number generator audited for fairness by an independent third party. These indices are engineered to simulate real-world market movement and are unaffected by natural events and disruptions. Synthetic Indices are available 24/7, have constant volatility, fixed generation intervals, and are free of market and liquidity risks.

  • High leverage, tight spreads, and 24/7 trading
  • Free from real-world market and liquidity risks
  • Responsive, easy-to-use platforms
  • Exclusive access to innovative trade types

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Start trading Synthetic Indices on Deriv in 3 simple steps

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