Trading panel

Dear Members,

If you are wondering what is trading panel is all about, this article might help you:slight_smile:

The trading panel is located at the bottom of your account in our MT5 platform. It is a useful feature to keep track of information on your trades. For example, you can see all the open and running trades in the ‘Trade’ tab, access all the closed trades in the ‘History’ tab, and check all the notifications in the ‘Journal’ tab.

Moreover, the trading panel has ‘News’ and ‘Calendar’ (only in the desktop application version) tabs that can help you with the fundamental analysis to fine-tune your trading strategy. These are the main features of the DMT5 platform used by traders regularly, but the platform has many more functions that can enhance your trading journey. We encourage you to explore and try all the available tools with a free demo account. It’s risk-free and pre-loaded with 10,000 USD of virtual money to give you a lot of room for trying things out.

Hope this information helps :bulb:

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