Volatilities indexes

We like trade with you and we want to continue with you. We do not want to change this company and we consider it our company. Also, we invite people to join it and trade with you, as more than 10 friends from my side have joined your company.
But among the notes came from me and from the people I invited to this company
There are some notes:
Multiple indicators, such as Volatility 50/25/150 and others, are something that distracts traders’ focus.
Secondly, all indicators are weak except for Volatility 75, which is very excellent
And also previously the Volatility 250 index
It was very strong and excellent, but now it has changed and become weak, and this is something that upset some traders
Please restore the leverage of the Volatility 250 indicator as before

Finally, we hope that this company will always continue. I am one of your biggest fans and one of the people most keen to trade with you, and I have achieved many profits through your company.
I ask you to take these notes and work on developing them. We are thankful for your good treatment with your customers, and we always wish you success.

Hi @clairce-agoroth-2,

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