Volatility 75 (1s) index

Hy, why can’t I open a position on volatility 75 (1s) index with a volume of 0.005?
But i have in the past several times.

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Hi @ahurewa-adeuism-2 Thank you for joining our community! Please be informed that effective on October 30th, 2023, we’ve updated the following specifications for CFDs on Deriv X and MT5:

  • Minimum volume (minimum lot size per trade)
  • Maximum volume (maximum lot size per trade)
  • Volume limit (maximum accumulated volume you can accumulate over multiple trades)

We’ve sent the email to all clients in regard to these changes. Kindly refer to your email for more information.

You may also refer to this article on how to check the lot size/volume requirements.

If you have any questions, please visit our Help Centre or contact us via Live Chat and WhatsApp.