What is Deriv P2P?

Hello Deriv Community,


DP2P is Deriv’s peer-to-peer exchange service. With Deriv P2P, you can easily make deposits and withdrawals into your Deriv account. There will be options for you to buy or sell Deriv credits in exchange for your local currency with fellow traders.

You may choose either to find an ad that matches your desired currency pair, rate, amount, and payment method or post an ad of your own. Read more about Deriv P2P or read the section on Deriv P2P in our terms and conditions to learn more details.

You may also refer to our Video Tutorial.

If you have any questions, please contact us via live chat or WhatsApp.

i am not seeing the p2p icon again on my dashboard, what could be the problem

Hi @ashtray-aciurgy-2, welcome to our community. Our sincere apologies, we have sent you an email communication on this about the affected DP2P platform. For further clarification, kindly contact us via LiveChat we will be happy to assist you.