10 coin withdrawal marked as approved /processed, but wallet not credited for more than 24hrs

This is very sad. I am in this mess right now. I made a withdrawal as well 2 days ago using this method. It got approved and was marked processed . I have waited since then and 10 coin have not credited me and I have chatted support and was asked to wait 24hrs, which I did , now I am been told to wait for 5 days for an ordinary crypto withdrawal. Below are the details of this withdrawal that have been marked as processed. My exchange request for a transaction hash or ID to enable them track the token, but driv cannot provide any of this. This is frustrating .

Ref. ID
Transaction time
18 Aug 2022 05:16:20 GMT

Your support is saying that it is not from your end and has also refused to provide a transaction hash or ID to proof that the coins were sent to me

Hi @avoutry-addedly-2,

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