A means to attract more users to deriv

How can I get your MT5 alert API to code an alert App for synthetic indices?

I’ve checked your API available and I can’t see any useful flutter backend code I could use to customize an alert app for synthetic indices.

An alert app would amass more user traffic for deriv as it serves an added simplicity for users. And i would like to code this app for you guys and make it readily available to users on google playstore.

Please, @DerivNazeemaAli, @Fabiana_Deriv kindly let me in on a flutter alert API to retrieve chart data and values on synthetic indices so I could be on my way to code a new alert app for your platform.

Dear @caseous-acetine-2, thank you for joining the community. Kindly check this post on API for information API: managing access on third-party applications and mobile apps. Alternatively you can reach out to us via Live Chat for further assistance and protection of your account’s data. We’ll work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.