Introduction of Price alert apps

I want to say i really love your services and i want your business to keep on growing and thriving, however we have a small kind request which is for your benefit and for your beloved deriv traders also; most of us keep on missing trades because of busy-ness with the outer world out of trading and we are sorry that this missing of profitable trades affects deriv broker negatively ,we apologize and we would be greatful for your kind and merciful response on helping to create your traders a price alert app on android and ios for synthetic indices and financial instruments too, please…! Thank you🙂

NB:Price alerts through mt5 pc app need a person to keep their laptop or desktop always on and connected to internet and i hope you understand how hard this is for most of the traders.

If there is any deriv support agent reading this may you please forward this request if possible to the deriv management team please…!:slightly_smiling_face: