Access to agent

I want permission to activate agent withdrawal @deriv agent

@bitumen-acrasin-2 ,. If you did not make your initial deposit via payment agent, then it will be difficult to withdraw via the method.

I deposited using the agent

So how am i going to see that it elligable for me to withdraw using agents

@bitumen-acrasin-2 ,. Take a screenshot of your withdrawal page and drop it here let me see.

@bitumen-acrasin-2 ,. This is not the withdrawal page.
But however, if deriv has solved your issue, then good.

Im not yet replied on my issue about disputed dp2p still pending help me please and the ome who clicked it is worried too

@bitumen-acrasin-2 ,. Hello you are making things difficult here. I don’t understand the issue you are trying to solve here.

  1. You said you need permission to withdraw via payment agent. Is that your issue?

2) The picture you put up there show that you are trying to sell $39. Then go ahead and sell it on dp2p platform.
You don’t need any permission to use dp2p.

That is how far I can understand you. Goodluck.

Yeah i need to get verified for agent withdrawal