Common questions about Deriv P2P

Here the common questions about Deriv P2P that could help you :smile:

1. Can I sell crypto on Deriv P2P?

No, P2P is offered only in USD currency

2. Can another person have the same Deriv P2P Nickname?
No, nicknames are unique

3. Are there any account requirements to use Deriv P2P?
Your account must be Age Verified before using Deriv P2P.

You can go to your cashier in Deriv, click the Deriv P2P option, select your nickname and click on the arrow to upload your proof of identity. You will need to submit a valid (not expired) ID such as a passport, national ID card, voter’s card, or driver’s license and a selfie.

4. Do I need to trade before I’ll be able to sell on Deriv P2P?
No, trading is not required in order to use P2P.

5. Can I cancel the Deriv P2P order?
Order can be canceled by from the buyer’s end only if the buyer has not clicked on “I’ve Paid”