Deposit problems

Help, for two days now my deposit through bitcoin keep showing the "your current cashier session has expired please start again.


I can’t deposit money on my deriv account please why is that?

I have been unable to deposit through my ATM card,pls help


I made a deposit to my deriv account earlier today via Perfect Money and it is yet to reflect on my dashboard.

Please help.

Thank you.

i want to deposit but it is showing me Transaction was not successful

Please note, multiple attempts have been made to process your transaction.

Unfortunately, these attempts have been unsuccessful and your payment has not been processed.

Please utilise an alternative payment method and try again please help me. thank you


If you are receiving an error stating your “your current cashier session has expired. Start again later.”

Please suggest updating the browser or use a different browser.

Hello please help me, I tried to deposit money with a method of debit card.but it I must contact for assistance.please assist me

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Please I need help on how to deposit my account,i have tried using debit card but unsuccessful E.G

Is there someone attending to all this questions

Same here, I’m having the same issues

Please do something about it


Please help I keep having this exact error…how do I fix it

Estou tendo o mesmo Problema amigo, porém no Binary .

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I doubt it. Caused no response so far in this issues of deposit.

Hello please help me…I want to know what’s the minimum amount required to trade crash 500 index

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I have the same problem too, please help me out if your problem is fixed

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