Deriv X: Server Maintenance

Hi Deriv Community!

Did you know that Deriv X has server maintenance every Sunday? :hugs:

The same as DMT5 accounts, we do have weekly server maintenance for Deriv X as well. However, the timing is slightly different for DMT5 and Deriv X.

For Deriv X, the server maintenance starts at 06:00 GMT every Sunday and may last up to 2 hours. Service may be disrupted during this time including transfers between your real accounts and Deriv X accounts as well as trading on the Deriv X platform.

We have a disclaimer note set up to notify our clients about the maintenance as per the below.

Rest assured, you can always check the status of the maintenance on our status page here. You may also subscribe to our updates via the status page to know our ongoing maintenance progress.

If you encounter any issues pertaining to your trades in Deriv X, contact us via Live Chat and WhatsApp.

is there a maintenance going on now? It seems the all Synthetics Instruments have stopped. I have open positions and I am unable to close them too.

Hi @buccula-affront-2. Thank you for joining our community! Kindly be informed that we are aware of this issue and we are currently in the midst of fixing this issue. Rest assured, if your trades are affected, kindly contact is via Live Chat for better assistance and protection of your account’s data. We’ll work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Thank you.