Error message in Dbot: Rate limit of requests per second

Error message

Hi Deriv Community,

If you’re receiving the error message as above, it’s because you have reached the rate limit of requests per second.

What does this mean?

The mentioned error message appears when users send too many requests, by which you’re running multiple bots in different browsers. This includes opening multiple tabs in the same internet browser and running multiple bots at the same time.

The error message may also populate in the Journal section which looks like this:

How do you overcome this?

The Dbot may only process a certain threshold of request at a moment in a certain time frame, which is 360 requests per minute.

To overcome this error, close all the Dbot tabs and run the Dbot at a minimum of 1 tab at a time.

If you need assistance in creating a Dbot strategy, you may refer to our quick strategy and adjust however you want. You may refer to this post:

Remember to test your strategy on your Demo account first and once you’re ready, you can proceed running your strategy on your Real account. :wink:

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We hope this information is useful and feel free to reply to this thread should you have any feedback regarding our Dbot. Thank you! :star2: