How to block advertisers in Deriv P2P?

Hi Deriv Community Members,

Did you know that you can now block Deriv P2P users in your Deriv P2P cashier? By blocking a Deriv P2P user in your Deriv P2P cashier, you will no longer be able to see that user’s ads or make any transaction with the user anymore until you unblock them. There are 2 ways of blocking a P2P user from your P2P cashier.

Method 1:

Deriv P2P cashier >>> Click on the specific user’s nickname >>> Click on 3 verticals dots >>> Block

Method 2 (Only possible if you have buy/sell with the user before):

Deriv P2P cashier >>> My profile >>> My counterparties >>> Block

Also, you will be able to see how many P2P users had blocked you in your P2P profile as shown below:

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