Posting a Buy/Sell Ad on Deriv P2P (App Version)

Dear members,

Here is how to post a Buy/Sell ad via the app version:

  1. Click on the “Ads” icon on your Deriv P2P App
    Step 1 (App)

  2. At the bottom right of the page, Hit “+” to create a new ad
    Step 2 App

  3. Select the “Buy USD” if you wish to deposit or select the “Sell USD” if you wish to withdraw
    Step 3 App

  4. Key in the details requested on the page for the advertisement

  5. Create your desired payment method (If no payment method was created before)
    Step 5 (App)

  6. Choose your preferred payment method (Up to 3 methods)
    Step 6 (App)

  7. Click on “Post Ad” (Post Ad button will only be visible when at least 1 payment method is selected)
    Step 7 (App)

    1. Your Ad is now Live
      Step 8 (App)

Hope the above is helpful!

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