Deriv P2P mobile app guide

Hello Deriv Community,

You will be able to download the Deriv P2P mobile application from the Apple App Store for iOS devices and from the Google Play Store for Android devices.

To connect it to your account, you need to open the app and press on “Sign in” button and you will be redirected to the sign in page.

After that, all you have to do is fill in your Deriv account credentials and click on “Log in”

Filtering Buy or Sell ads

When no ad is shown, you may filter the ads via payment methods, currency, or matching ads by clicking the filter button (next to the search button) on the top right.

Posting a Buy or Sell ad

1. To create an ad, click the “Ads” button at the bottom and press the “plus” sign.

2. Select “Buy USD” (to deposit into your Deriv account) or “Sell USD” (to withdraw from your Deriv account), and fill in all of the boxes. Once done, click the “Post ad” button.

3. After the ad has been posted, the pop-up message as follows will appear. You may acknowledge it by clicking “OK”.

Posting a Buy/Sell Ad (Completed)

Once the ad is posted, you may view them by clicking the “Ads” button at the bottom.

This information works when an ad is posted, you may click the 3 dots on the right side to:

  1. Deactivate - The status of the ad would be “Inactive”, which allows you to reactivate and edit it ( you will be able to edit the amount, rate, etc) anytime.

  2. Delete - Completely remove the ad from your account and cannot recover it.

Once the ad is created, the “Total Amount” can no longer be edited/changed.
If one wishes to change it, you will have to create a new ad instead.

Buying Ad to Deposit

1. Assess the amount limits of the buy ads and select one that you desire.

2. Fill in the amount you wish to buy and click “Confirm”

3. After the payment has been made to the seller, click the “I’ve Paid” button to upload your Proof of Transfer (POT). You will have an hour (60 minutes) to complete the payment before the ad expires.

4. To upload the Proof of Transfer, click “Upload receipt here”. You will be redirected to your device’s gallery/documents and you may attach the POT accordingly. Once done, press “Confirm” to complete the process.

Buying Ad to Deposit (Additional Info: Informing the Seller)

Selling Ad to Withdraw

1. Click the Ads button at the bottom and select the “Sell” section at the top. Afterwards, click the “Sell USD” button from the ad that you desire.

2. Selling Ad to Withdraw (Step 2)

Additional Info: You may add more than one payment details.

3. After the payment method has been added, it will appear as follows (green box on the left picture) for you to select it. After selecting the method, click “Confirm” to finish the process. The buyer will then have an hour (60 minutes) to make the payment before the ad expires.

Selling Ad to Withdraw (Additional Info: Buyer Made the Payment)

Once the buyer made the payment, you will receive a notification (left picture). You may click the “I’ve received payments” button to release the funds to the buyer (right picture). On the other hand, if the payment is not received (this means the buyer clicked the “I’ve paid” button though he/she did not make the payment), please refer to the next step to raise a dispute.

If you have any questions, please visit our Help Centre or contact us via Live Chat and WhatsApp.