Deriv P2P mobile app guide- raising dispute

Hello Deriv Community,

You will be able to raise a dispute from your P2P mobile app

Raising a Dispute

1. To raise a dispute, you may click the “Complain” button. However, this button will only appear 1 hour after the ad is expired. In other words, the dispute could only be raised after 1 hour from the time the ad has been created.

2. After the complain button has been clicked, the options as follows will appear for you to select the reason for the dispute. After the relevant reason has been selected, you may click “Submit”.

Screenshot on the left is viewed as a Seller
Screenshot on the right is viewed as a Buyer

3. Once the dispute is raised, you will receive a system generated ticket right away, where you can reply with proof of transfer (if you are the buyer) or statement of your payment detail (if you are the seller) for the relevant team to check on your dispute within 12 hours period.

Received as a Seller


To go to the settings, you may click the “Profile” button at the bottom right. Once done, you will see the follows. The functions of each setting feature have been listed in the previous page.

If you have any questions, please visit our Help Centre or contact us via Live Chat and WhatsApp.