Steps to raise a Deriv P2P dispute

Hello Deriv community members,

We would like to share the steps and the options for raising a dispute on Deriv P2P order.

In order to raise a dispute, the order has to reach a 1-hour waiting time. Kindly check the waiting time here:

To raise a dispute, you would need to click the “Complain” button as below:

Once you click, if you are a seller, you would see the below options to choose for disputing an order:

For the buyer, below are the options to raise the dispute:

Kindly be informed that all the transactions you made via Deriv P2P Deriv App | Deriv, you shall receive an email for confirmation.

Important note: Orders that have a Complete status cannot be disputed.
Please make sure to check the payment has been received in your selected payment method before clicking the below button:

Additionally, for more information about Deriv P2P funds and transfer, you may check the Terms and Conditions here:

Hope the above information is useful for everyone.