How to use Risk Management in Deriv Go?

Hello Deriv Community,

If you are wondering how to make use of the Risk Management feature in Deriv Go application, you have come to the right topic. Here’s the step-by-step guide:

Take Profit | Stop Loss

  1. Click on “Risk Management

  2. Select “Take Profit | Stop Loss

  3. Enter your desired Take Profit & Stop Loss amount. Then click OK at the bottom of your page

Deal Cancellation

  1. Select “Deal Cancellation

  2. Select your preferred time frame

  3. On your “Position” section you will be able to cancel the trade within the timeframe you have selected

Kindly be advised Deal Cancellation does not guarantee 100% return of the initial stake. Profit and Loss will still be taken into consideration based on the market movements.

Pour une bonne gestion de risques il faut toujours se fixer des objectifs en cas de gain ou de perte. Vous pouvez décider de perdre 1,5% de votre capital et en cas de gain dire à 50$ ,100$ ou 10$ j’arrête la position

Can you add a trailing stop loss option in the DTrader app or at least let us set a positive stop loss greater than -0.1USD or be able to set a Take Profit value less than the current open profit for a position, please?