Manage your risk on Multipliers

Hello Deriv Community Members,

As traders, Risk Management is very important. A risk is when an outcome differs from an expected outcome. It is also possible to lose some or all investments. Risk is usually assessed by considering historical behaviors and outcomes.

It is important always have a trading strategy as part of your risk management. Every trader suffers from losing trades but that is why risk management is important.

On Deriv’s trading platforms, you can also avoid increased losses when the market moves against you. Deriv gives you more control over your multipliers trade.

Deal cancellation
You have the option to cancel a trade within a selected time period (depending on the market and asset you’re trading) after opening it and reclaim your stake.

Stop loss
You can cut your losses before you lose your entire stake. Whenever your loss equals or exceeds your stop loss amount, your trade will be closed automatically.

Take profit
All you have to do is set a level of profit you’d be satisfied with. If your profit reaches or exceeds this amount, your position will be closed and your profit will be added to your account balance.

Automatic stop out
An automatic stop-out feature closes your positions automatically as soon as your losses are equal to your stake amount.

You may try these on your Demo account and gain more practise.

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