I can't deposit

I can’t deposit using my debit card? It’s been more than 3 hours now since I’ve been on my pc and phone doing one thing.

Hey Im also struggling to deposit, im getting a message that says JETON is currently unavailable. what does that mean?

@bunjara-acouchi-2 , Jeton is currently deactivated for now. Kindly use other payment method.

Hey guys. I am struggling to deposit, i use zingpay it keeps on saying i have to be verified to deposit but the confusing thing is that I’ve deposited and withdrawn in the past. What can i do?

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@ajowans-accusor-2 ,. The solution is there for you. Simply get your documents ready and submit them for verification before you can successfully make a deposit.

But check your I.D carefully so that you don’t mistakenly send an expired I.D.

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How do I submit my documents, because its just the proof of identity? I don’t know how to submit them?

@amytals-abronia-2 ,. Hello kindly click “Account settings” under your menu, then scroll to “verification”.

Then click on any of them and upload your documents.
See the image attached below where to locate it:

They say u should withdraw above10000usd before u can submit your ID