Introduction to Multipliers

Deriv multipliers combine the upside of leverage trading with the limited risk of options. This means that when the market moves in your favour, you’ll multiply your potential profits. If the market moves against your prediction, your losses are limited only to your stake. You learn more here and check the video here.


  • Singapore and Australia and Synthetic restricted countries. Hence, the markets available for trading on multiplier options are only Forex, Stock Indices, and Commodities. Synthetics will not be available.

  • European Union (EU) countries have multiplier options to trade with markets available for trading on Forex, Synthetic Indices, and Cryptocurrencies.

  • United Kingdom only has Forex markets that are offered to trade on multiplier options due to regulatory requirements.

Forex Multipliers - x20 to x200

Volatility Multipliers - x100 to x1000

The higher the multiplier, the higher your potential gains.

Limited risks

You can set an automatic stop out that ensures that you never lose more than your initial stake. Manage your trade and cap your losses from the start.

You’re in control

With take profit, stop loss, and deal cancellation features, you can secure your gains, protect your stake, and change your mind.